I have been drawing for all my life, started from childish pictures on every wall of my home. I finished art school and have been working as an art-teacher in a kindergarten for two years. Also I practiced as a make-up artist, because I always wanted to enrich my art skills in different ways. At the same time I painted a lot of pictures and had some personal exhibitions in Minsk. I was surrounded by a lot of creative people who had tattoos or even did tattoos by themselve. And finally, after I got my first two tattoos and fell in love with tattoo as art, my friend offered me to study how to make it. After half of a year of tattooing I got my first invitation as a guest tattooartist from Vienna and after that I started to travel with my beloved work to different countries. I already worked in Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia. I prefer to work in my specific style: it’s black-and-white graphic, mix of linework and dotwork. All my sketches are unique and made individually for each client. Most of all I love to do tattoos with animals, skulls and flowers.

Tanyina tvorba